Freshman Academy @ LCHS

Welcome to Freshman Academy at Lincoln Community High School.

Created to help at-risk students as they transition into high school, Freshman Academy is a self-contained classroom exclusively for incoming ninth grade students A team approach, along with additional support and monitoring, helps students find success.

LCHS administration and staff are committed to assisting Freshman Academy students in obtaining their goals. Freshman Academy fosters student success through modeling positive behaviors, small class size, fewer transitions, and a nurturing, structured environment. Freshmen Academy creates a classroom culture that is inclusive and welcoming, a place where even the most reluctant students can fund success.

Students in Freshman Academy are provided with the opportunity to get back on track academically. Students often see positive changes in attendance and test scores, along with fewer discipline referrals. Further, the support provided through the Freshman Academy program does not cease at the end of students’ freshmen year. Academy students continue to receive additional monitoring and support throughout their high school careers at LCHS.