Welcome from the Dean of Students

The Deans of Students at Lincoln Community High School are part of the adminsitrative team charged with maintaining a safe and structured environment for all students at LCHS. Mrs. Abigail Curry and Mr. Joe Rosel are committed to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment, fostering positive behavior, and promoting academic success

Located within the Assistant Principal's office, the Deans handle discipline, student support services, parking, and attendance monitoring.

The LCHS Student Handbook outlines attendance policies, disciplinary concerns, levels of misconduct, and general information pertaining to policies and procedures at the high school. The Student Handbook may be used as a reference for both students and guardians to answer most questions that would arise for our students and most situations.

Mr. Rosel, Dean of Students


(217) 732-4131

Mrs. Curry, Dean of Students/Social Media and Web Coordinator


(217) 732-4131