Robert Bagby, Superintendent,
Todd Poelker, Principal,
Rhonda Hyde, Assistant Principal,
Missy Koning, Assistant Principal/Special Education Director,
Matt Puckett, LTEC/LRDS Director,

Athletic Director

*Neil Alexander,

Technology Coordinator

*Jennifer Keith,

Assistant Principal's Office Contact Information

Attendance Secretary: Pam Brown - 217.732.4131 ext 1268
    -person you need to contact if your son/daughter is not going to be at school that day
    -person you need to contact if your son/daughter needs to leave school early

Discipline Secretary: Martha Knight - 217.732.4131 ext 1269
    -person in charge of scheduling detentions and in-school suspensions

Activities Secretary: Denise Alexander - 217.732.4131 ext 1270

Main Office Contact Information

Superintendent Secretary: Rachel Jording - 217.732.4131 ext 1289
Principal Secretary: Patsy Zurkammer - 217.732.4131 ext 1290
Main Office Secretary: Cathy Renfro - 217.732.4131 ext 1200


Pam Conrady - 217.732.4131 ext 1295

Business Office

Mindy Courtwright - 217.732.4131 ext 1272
Erin Miller - 217.732.4131 ext 1271


Lori Lawson - 217.732.4131 ext 1273


Mike Camp - 217.732.4131 ext 1276

Guidance Office

Erin Varner (students with last names A-K), 217.732.4131 ext 1279
Sara Sisk (students with last names L-Z), 217.732.4131 ext 1280
Tina Shiers, registrar/guidance secretary - 217.732.4131 ext 1277


Michelle Hobbs
*Jennifer Keith

Alternative Education

Chelsey Smith
Tiffany Fulmer

Career and Technical Education

Janet Cameron
Justin Dietrich
Jon Graber
Karen Graber
Dr. Penny Haase-Wittler
Jason Hoffman
*Jason Mauhar
*Arlyn Musselman
Brenda Silano
*Larry Smith
Sarah Sumpter
*Chris Hearn

Credit Recovery

Janet Lovdahl

Department of Languages & Cultures

Kathy Stoyak, Department Liaison
Marsha Plumier

Driver Education

Gayal Rademaker
*Pat Hake
August Casson

English Department

Eric Ewald, Department Liaison
Abby Curry
Jennifer Gouin
Samantha Murphy
Michelle Ryan
Laura Schonauer
*Jennifer Keith

Fine Arts

Kim Quinn, Music
Carol Washburn, Art
Nigel Range, Instrumental Music


Jackie Meyer
Rebecca Thornton

Math Department

Chris Hammer, Department Liaison
Angela Barrett
Maggie Kopp
Kaitlin Mason
Darla Stanfield
Marla Taylor

Physical Education/Health

Neil Alexander, Department Liaison
Gregg Alexander
Jennifer Craig
*Pat Hake
Andy McDonald
Taylor Richmond
*Matt Silkowski

Resource Officer

Tim Butterfield - 217.732.4131 ext 1301


Charissa Howe, Department Liaison
Sally Aukamp
Josh Bartels
Josh Rezba
Tim Stuckey

Social Studies

Leslie Bischoff, Department Liaison
Jeff Cooper
Anna Maxwell
Mike Smania

Special Education

Dawn Burton
Julie Jackson
Ashley Nestor
Tamara Pagel
Pam Parmenter
Elizabeth Schneider
*Matt Silkowski
Paraprofessionals - Marci D'Andrea, Lisa Donath, Meghan Fink, Howie Fuiten, Tiffany Fulmer, Jean Meinershagen, Beth Rayman, Nancy Rayman, Jessica Snow, Stellakay Osborn, Kim Frontone

Speech Therapist

Carissa O'Donoghue

*denotes part-time